Argo CD Operator (Helm)

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The Argo CD Operator (Helm) is based on the Argo CD Helm Chart and currently installs the non-HA version of Argo CD in OpenShift Container Platform and Kubernetes.


Argo CD Operator (Helm) and the Argo CD Helm Chart are community maintained projects!

About Argo CD

Argo CD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes.

Operator Features

  • Easy configuration and installation


Shares all configuration values from the Argo CD Helm Chart.


Supports OpenShift OAuth integration on all supported OpenShift platforms.

Get started

Quickstart with OperatorHub’s or try our comprehensive guides to install this operator and Argo CD in OpenShift 3, OpenShift 4, Minishift, ContainerReady Containers, Google Cloud Platform or Minikube.

Tested Platforms

  • OpenShift Container Platform 3.11
  • Origin Community Distribution 3.11
  • Minishift v1.34.2
  • OpenShift Container Platform ≥ 4.2
  • ContainerReady Containers 1.9.0-4.3.10
  • Google Cloud Platform (Kubernetes ≥ 1.14)
  • Minikube v1.9.2 (Kubernetes ≥ 1.14)

These are the platforms we currently test the operator with. Other platforms should work fine too!

CI/CD Environment

We use Travis CI and Github Workflows for continuous integration and deployment. Following table shows the tested combinations after pushing to an release or master branch. To verify some pull requests we only use Github Workflows.

Service Kubernetes OpenShift OLM Minikube Minishift Ubuntu
Travis CI 1.11.0 3.11.0 0.13.0   v1.3.2 18.04
1.11.0 3.11.0 0.14.1   v1.3.2 18.04
1.14.0   0.13.0 v1.9.2   18.04
1.16.3   0.14.1 v1.9.2   18.04
1.17.0   0.14.1 v1.9.2   18.04
1.18.0   0.14.1 v1.9.2   18.04
Github Workflows 1.14.0   0.13.0 v1.9.2   18.04
1.16.3   0.14.1 v1.9.2   18.04
1.17.0   0.14.1 v1.9.2   18.04
1.18.0   0.14.1 v1.9.2   18.04

Both services have less than 8GB memory available in their Ubuntu VM’s, so it’s not possible to use Container Ready Containers. Nevertheless with test the operator with the latest version of Container Ready Containers on Mac OS Catalina in a fully automated process.

We love CI/CD so we additionally test with CircleCI. Because build time is limited we only test with CircleCI Ubuntu 16.04 Vm’s when we merge a release branch to the circle-ci branch.

All of these services are pretty cool! Thx for supporting the open source community!


Argo CD Operator (Helm) is released under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.